A Jewish Funeral Home adjacent to Long Island New York's New Montefiore, Wellwood, Mt Ararat and Beth Moses Jewish Cemeteries.
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Star of David Funeral Home

Star of David Memorial Chapels, is a Jewish Funeral Home located adjacent to New Montefiore, Beth Moses, Wellwood, and Mt Ararat cemeteries. This exclusive location provides you Testimonial and your loved ones with the dignity and comfort of a beautiful sanctuary literally a moment away from the major Jewish cemeteries on Long Island.
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We believe that Jewish funeral arrangements should be made with Jewish funeral professionals.  Respect for your loved one begins with respect for our tradition, and the expectation that you will be served best by speaking with a Jewish funeral director who is most sensitive to the variety of ritual expression found within the Jewish community.

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Star of David Memorial Chapel is the only Jewish funeral home on Long Island that respects our tradition by allowing only Jewish funeral professionals to make Jewish funeral arrangements.!

We are pleased to announce the completion of our brand new, much larger and elegant Waters of Babylon Chapel which can accommodate close to 300 mourners. Or, for a more intimate gathering, you may choose our peaceful Isaiah Chapel. If you prefer only a graveside service, our chapels can provide a serene setting for a private, dignified goodbye in Jewish tradition prior to proceeding to the cemetery for the interment, and an ideal option, especially in inclement weather!

  • Jewish Owned and Operated
  • Licensed Jewish Funeral Directors
  • Transportation from Any State
  • Live Audio/Video Services Available
  • Sensible Prices
  • Serving All Jewish and Non-Jewish Cemeteries

  • Chevra Kadisha Services
  • Mikvah on Premises
  • Supervised by the Vaad of Queens
  • Available 24 hours - 7 days a week
  • Proud Members of Preplan
  • Transportation from Florida or Anywhere

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Inside Our Chapels

Waters of Babylon Chapel
Isaiah Chapel


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1236 North Wellwood Ave. West Babylon, NY 11704        631- 454-9600